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About Us

As a designer and NYS licensed Optician,with the trend going online ,we now bring you a selection of Frames and reliable prescriptions at Low Prices & Quality Guaranteed We are here to serve you

A Better Way to Buy Eyewear has become the largest online retailer of eyeglasses and contact lenses , by offering an alternative method of purchasing eyewear online, and supplying you with the same designer brands and products offered in brick-and-mortar stores for half the price. We deliver them to your home or office

We offer a unique selection of eyewear styles from geek chic to business casual, carefully selected based on fashion trends and feedback from you. Our glasses are manufactured right here in New York  with the highest quality materials and our fabulously talented team.

Glasses and contact lenses don't cost hundreds of dollars to make, so why are you paying that much? We provide a smarter option in an industry that has charged you large mark ups for the privilege of expensive office space, and big glasses displays. We believe that it's time for you to be in charge of where and how you purchase your eyewear.

Gold's Vision Optical  
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